Nyenrode music presentation!

Rhythm exercise:

One person claps a rhythm and the rest of the groups copies it. This is a listening exercise and point will be rewarded for the complexity of the rhythm and the quality of the copy.


There are three backing tracks (jazz, funky latin and ska reggae) choose one and use it to write a text. The text has to be in English and should not be offensive.

We have the tracks on a memory stick and they are available on http://bitofpepper.com

the tracks:




Chord riddle:

Find the right combination of chords!

There are eight chords to choose from

(Cm7, Amin7b5, BbM7, Gm , EbM7, G7,  F7, D7)

It starts on Cm7 and each chord has to be used once and not more.

Cm7 can be followed by F7 , Gm , BbM7 and D7

Amin7b5 can be followed by D7, Gm and G7

Bbmaj7 can be followed by G7, D7 AND EbM7

Gm can be followed by  G7 and Cm7

EbM7 can be followed by Gm, Cm7 and Amin7b5

D7 can be followed by Gm, G7 and  Cm7

G7 can be followed by Cm7 and F7

F7  can be followed by Bbmaj7, Amin7b5 and G7